Out Of Reach : Snowboarding in Bansko, Bulgaria

Out Of Reach: Snowboarding in Bansko,BulgariaThose who know me are probably sick of hearing me talk about how awesome Bansko is, so i'll do us all a favour and start writing about it! For those who live under a rock , or blocked me, Bansko is a town in southwest Bulgaria, located under the Pirin … Continue reading Out Of Reach : Snowboarding in Bansko, Bulgaria

Transylvania en-Route , Brasov

Transylvania en-Route : BraČ™ov Main blog post:Next Stop, Romania: A Road trip through Wines, Vamps and CastlesA visit in Romania would not be complete without visiting the wonderful Transylvania region. After our visit to bran, we next visited the city of Brasov. Although surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains , Brasov could be spotted from miles … Continue reading Transylvania en-Route , Brasov